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Thread: How To Convert Bins Or Cues So Can Put On Dvd?

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    anyone kow how to do this as i have the matrix reloaded centropy version in ins and cues and i was wondering is it possible to cnvert them so i can put onto a dvd already burned them to svcd but want them on one disk ?

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    yes there is

    Mount the image using alcohol 120%

    open isobuster and selct the drive

    Then select the Mpeg folder

    Right click on the 600meg file and extract MPG2 files

    Save as whateveryouwant.mpg

    that .mpg is important or it wont work

    then convert the mpg2 files with tempegce and join them

    there ya have it

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    nice one can i use daemon tools instead of alcohol 120?

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    ok done most of that but when i open tmpge and try and load the mpgs its telling me it can not open it or its unsurported ?


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