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    Hey I would like to know if there's any way to make kazaa go any faster...sometimes it lets me download stuff like freakin fast but then sometimes it's really slow...if you could help me that would be great, also is there anyway i can make my cable internet faster?

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    Easy, you must use speedup,kazaignite or kazaap.

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    where would i get those?

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    If you have kazaalite the last version speed up is included ,for kazaaignite go here

    kazaap here

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    where would i get those?
    Now that is a stupid question! Go here:

    You can also try one of those registry speed up programs for dial-up or DSL/Cable. It's not gonna make a huge differance but it does help a bit. Get something like Modem Booster or DSL Speed. You can find it here:


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