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View Poll Results: Which firewall do you use?

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  • Outpost

    8 10.13%
  • Kapersky

    14 17.72%
  • Norton

    3 3.80%
  • Windows

    4 5.06%
  • AVG

    4 5.06%
  • Zonealarm

    18 22.78%
  • Sygate

    11 13.92%
  • McAfee

    1 1.27%
  • Other

    9 11.39%
  • None

    7 8.86%
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Thread: Which is the best firewall?

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    Shadowfire's Avatar catch-22 BT Rep: +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19
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    Oct 2006
    Since there are so many threads on this without polls, I think I should make a poll on this to quantify results better for my own benefit, if not anyone else's.

    //Edit: Screwed up the poll; Sorry about that. The question should be "Which is the best firewall?"
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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    Feb 2004
    I liked Outpost more than any other I've used but since Kaspersky Internet Security has an integrated one, that's the one I actually use.
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    towerblocks's Avatar MW2 ADDiCT
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    Jan 2006
    Same here, I use Outpost firewall and kaspersky anti virus.

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    ElGatoo's Avatar ^^ BT Rep: +21BT Rep +21BT Rep +21BT Rep +21BT Rep +21
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    Dec 2006
    I like windows' firewall, easy to configure

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    raspberry1331's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +2
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    Apr 2006
    according to this article, the most personal firewall worth nothing:

    by this review, comodo personal firewall is far the best among these. they also got awarded in pc magazine:,1895,1969485,00.asp

    so if i would worry for my privacy, i would use this one. but since i dont, i only use windows firewall (which is really worthless: it only blocks incoming traffic)

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    mr. nails's Avatar m@D @n!m3 BT Rep: +1
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    Oct 2003
    austin, tx
    i've only used windows', zone alarm, and comodo. i wouldn't use mcafee or nortans. i mite try kaspersky someday. so i voted other for comodo. zone alarm is pretty good when it's not hogging ur resources. especially @ bootup!
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    crossfade's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    Nov 2006
    I use Outpost on my laptop and it works fine.
    But when i tried to install it on my desktop I had nothing but trouble. It slowed down my computer, it crashed all the time, it was like hell.
    I even had trouble uninstalling it...

    However at home, where the desktop is, I have an firewall built in my router and I personally thinks that's more than sufficient - so I don't really need a software firewall there.

    I'm not sure software firewalls are that efficient...

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    frize's Avatar BT God BT Rep: +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100
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    Mar 2006
    Kapersky no doubt

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    whoever votes for windows i dont think realizes that it only moniters incoming connections xD... it doesnt protect you from accidentally-downloaded trojans ^.^
    i'm using the free sunbelt kerio personal firewall... why isnt that on the list... or did i just miss it?
    definately checking out kapersky ^.^

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