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Thread: Rock Groups With Piano?

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    Can You tell me what you think about rock groups that use piano, i.e Muse etc.?

    Tell me a few names plz , personally I think it can end up making really good songs at times.

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    Ben Folds Five

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    Some of the greatest rock bands have, And i like the one's that did.
    Queen, Gun 'n' Roses, Matalica, Iron maiden, Bill Haley and The Comets, all so cool.
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    Yes had Rick Wakeman....excellent band.....

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    Yeah, I know what you mean :a piano is not really sexy.

    Right now I can only think of some oldies like :
    Supertramp,Yes, E.L.P.,sometimes Queen
    Also you don't see many soloists :
    Carli Simons

    @bass: sorry just missed your post

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    Faith No More

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    Something Corporate?

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    You have to love Jerry Lee Lewis (especially if your his underage cousin).

    But my favorite song with a piano is "Rock and Roll" by Zeppelin, it has all the makings of the best rock and roll song of all-time. Awesome riff, great hook and lyrics, tight drums, and the piano.

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    most power metal bands have songs with piano... synth in every song usualy but some of them the synth actually sounds like a piano...

    Try sonata arctica - full moon eventho im not sure its really a piano sound... whatever its similar...

    you can try the band HIM aswell (not power metal more goth metal or something)

    "in flames - ordinary story" has piano in it especially 2nd verse and a little bridge

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    Krezip uses a piano all the time, but I don't know if u want to call that music rock....

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