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Thread: Help Needed With Burning Movies.

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    all how are you hope all u people are fine i just wanted to ask you people if there is a way that i can burn a 730mb movie to cd because the cd is just 700mb and the movie is around 730mb is there a way that i can put the movie to cd.Is there a way that i use winrar or winzip in a manner so that it make the movie size > 700 i just want to know because i got many movies which are more then 700mb and i want to store them in cd so i need u people help...........

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    Well...what is the file type? .avi? .mpeg? are you trying to make it a vcd that you can play in your dvd player? Or just an avi that you can play on the computer? Well if its just an .avi that you want to play on your pc, the easiest thing to do is use VirtualDub to cut off the excess parts of the film (i.e. the opening credits and closing credits). You can find out how to do it, and get the program here. Cutting out these parts should cut off enough to get it down to less than 703 mb.

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    Goto VCDhelp for any programs you need and tell you the difference betwen the different formats etc etc

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