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Thread: Flt-vca & Flt-vcb

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    i downloaded flt-vca & flt-vcb and there cue files.i used nero to burn them and it looked like i was in business,but when i try to install it starts install and about 12% into the installation i get a message that says component transfer error,"catastrophic failure". it gives no filename or further description.the file sizes seemed correct from what i have read 788,221 &
    776,578. my computer works well with other games postal 2 works like a charm, is there something wrong with the files i downloaded or is there a problem with my pc? i have a hp 2.4 w/512 r/xp home.
    i appreciatte any help, and ty for your advice :beerchug:

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    I'm downloading those...and if they don't work...i'm gonna be MAD!!!!

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    They prob got corrupted

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    worked for me

    try looking at the .cue files

    or use BitTorrent and go to

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    yeah, i got that too... works if u don't install the radio stations

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    ty, i'll try that

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    Works for me, I know because I hashed 'em

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