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Thread: Medieval: Total war 2 and Daemon tools - Help?

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    Hi! I am new here.

    I got a tips from a fellow being that I should ask my question here, since you guys know what you're talking about. He said you guys could help!

    I have just downloaded Medieval: Total War 2.

    I downloaded Daemon tools, and I got Daemon tools to install the game.

    It also created an artificial thing, an icon that I suppose is designed to manipulate the game to think that I have a Medieval: Total War 2 cd inside the computer.


    So I try to click on the game:

    And it says something like "please insert the correct CD/DVD-ROM, try again"

    I would really like to play this game, but now I am stuck. It is my first try on Daemon tools...

    Oh, another person said I should, in his words "Go to Emulation and select the type of protection the original CD had on it."

    It seemed Medieval: Total War 2 has "safedisc", so I changed it to safedisc.

    I tried again, but "Please insert the correct DVD-ROM, try again" and so on.

    Could anybody guide me through this? Since Daemon tools has already been installed, and so has the game, I assume it is not too much trouble?


    PS: I did not know exactly in what forum to put this.
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    It seems what I need is to open cd1. Then find a folder named "crack", and then copy something. That's it.

    However, the files there are compressed, and when extracted they turn into a "burn" icon. So I do not know how I can find the "crack" map/crack directory.

    Does anyone know how this can be done?

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    When you downloaded the game, chances are you downloaded it with an .nfo file - open this file with note pad and the instructions are in there.

    It sounds like the burn icon you are looking at is the cd image that you need to mount. Mount it using your daemon tools instead of burning it.

    Make sure you copy the files from the crack folder to your install directory too.

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    And after mounting it through Daemon Tools,you can use your explorer to go to the virtual CD/DvD device which will have Medieval mounted. This way you can open and look at all the folders etc and so discovering the folder which is normally called "crack" or the name of the crackgroup. Within that folder you'll find the file which you need to copy over to the folder on your HD where you installed Medieval.
    The nfo should give these directions.
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