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Thread: Lots Of Software

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    i seem to have all these on my pc
    nero,blindwrite suite,cdrwin 5,fireburner,stomp record now max
    and clone cd. which do i keep and if any get rid of ?

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    nero is good,but i like roxio 6, its like the name says "Easy CD Creater"

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    i do make the odd game,either downloaded or copy it myself.

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    Well ..some are general purpose progs,some are for mainly music and some are
    for the exact purpose of copieing/cloning......

    (CdrWin I find very hard to get used to : annoying interface) B)

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    i'm not gettin rid of nero and i downloaded blindwrite tonight so i haven't tried that yet .

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    So ....keep Nero and CloneCD ,a nice addition makes aemon-tools
    this is not a burning prog but makes a virtual cd-drive you can test apps and such
    before burning on real cd-rom.

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    Alcohol 120% is better than Daemon Tools, although Daemon is easier to get your hands on.

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    I have to agree with most guys here, Nero is truly the best all-around burning program! CloneCD is only good for one thing, making 1:1 copies of protected CDs. If you don't copy a lot of CDs or only a few sometimes, Nero will do just fine. It can handle quite a few protections as well. Just don't waste your time or money with Easy CD Creater, AOL is easy too but it sucks!

    blindwrite suite,cdrwin 5,fireburner,stomp record now max
    Nero can do everything those programs above do, just better.

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    I agree with MadDog-2000, Nero is the best all-around burning program!

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    if you have a founding in german donwload clonyxl this is an add in for clone cd and it works really well.

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