I keep geting this strange error message on Utorrent when trying to download a torrent which states

Tracker status:invalid http reply
Availability:Red 0.000

A red arrow pointing down
Seeds 0(20)
Peers 0(3)

If I press stop,Tracker Status states:scrape ok.I've deleted and re-downloaded the torrent file,tried to start fresh but the same problem happens.

For the record yes there are plenty of current seeds available 20,and some people are actually downloading this now as we speak with 20 seeds and 3 peers conected.So I assure you it's well seeded,I never recieve any downloaded data from this torrent as it refuses to download.

Anyone else have this problem,how to fix thanks.

Win xp Sp2,no firewall and also ticked option Add Utorrent to Windows firewall exceptions incase it helps,ports forwarded random port between 45000-50000.