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Thread: Why Are All Movie Sites In Flash

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    ok here's the deal iam not an amateur web designer iam not a pro neither but i can knock together a site with flash and sum good coding but i don't know why every movie site is made with nothing but flash - i mean flash is great but to much flash is just annoying...

    don't these designers -- who are getting paid amzing amounts of money - know not everyone has a highspeed connection...

    just thought i express this... if enyone can come up with a reason why movie web sites are all in flash i would love 2 hear it...

    thanks and take it easy

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    Simple reason - All movie sites rely on people being able to read them, right? If you check the Macromedia web site, apparently 98% have a version of Flash Player installed. I don't think the stat's accurate but AFAIK it is near to it.

    It's the same reason why most software developers program primarily for Windows - Unless you're aiming just to be for a select few, why use something other those which the majority of visitors can use?

    Hope that answers some questions.

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    'cause it looks cool. Or at least the website owners think so. Image is everything in their eyes.

    Frankly, I wish more sites were built that way. This will encourage people to get broadband. More users [usually] translates to lower costs. Broadband is the future and the sooner dial-up users realizes this, the better off everyone will be.


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