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Thread: Vice City Radio

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    Hi, anyone out there who knows where i can download any new radio station for Vice City. And if yes, how do i d/l them to my game. :-"

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    really?? u can do that?? COOL

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    I think VC is to new for new radio stations!

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    I think you should be able to put in shortcuts of mp3's that you have saved on your hard drive. At least I was able to do it with gta3.

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    How did u do that Caplet????????

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    newbie40: u put your mp3s (or shortcuts to them) into the mp3 dir in the vice city folder then when your in the game your change the radio station to "mp3 player"

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    Hey Undisclosedpower thanks for that. Now i am listening to the best musik while playing the game . Do u (or anybody)by any chance know how to convert my CDs into mp3?????

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    mp3's are just read as data, so if you use nero burning rom and goto mp3's format just drag and drop your files there and burn them....

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    I want to d/l CD musik to my harddisk. The CD file is .cda and i would like to have mp3. Not quite sure if u understood me.

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    You can use such software as Audiograbber to "grab" the music from the cd's and copy them to your harddrive..

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