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Thread: Mini frisge cooling???

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    Was nosing through some general stuff about DIY watercooling the other night and an idea sprung to mind. If i took the rear radiator section from a mini fridge, and incorporated it into the side panel of my pc it should in theory drop my temperatures down dramatically. The main issue I'm wondering, is would it also then cause me to get condensation inside the case the same way you do within a fridge? Surely as long as you have a constant airflow through the case it would blow any moisture out and not let it linger like in a fridge?

    Have I gone completly off my rocker from lack of sleep that day or does anyone think this sounds plausable?

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    You have gone completely off your rocker.

    Mini fridges typically use TECs, and not very powerful ones, either.
    Not designed for, or capable of dealing with, the sustained heatdump of a PC.

    If it were really that easy and cheap, everybody would be doing it.
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    lol thought I might have been abit over tired, though what about the radiator of a freezer encased in a perspex tank of water with a pump and inlet outlet pipes, so act as a resovooir/radiator for a water block?

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    I actually tried a similar idea - water cooled cpu with a beer cooler chilling the water.

    It generated so much heat that the ambient temperature rose by 5C, so although it worked in terms of cooling the cpu, the increased ambient temp made everything else so much hotter that it was a waste of time.

    I suppose it might have been ok if I could have got rid of the heat externally, but that would have been exorbitantly expensive. The fact is that these things are hopelessly inefficient at doing anything other than their designed purpose.
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