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Thread: old movie torrents

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    can somebody reccomend or where to find the best place for old movie torrent files e.g. looking for "the secret of santa vittoria" which is a 1969 movie i looked on btjunkie and mininova and no results??

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    Secret cinema
    Cinema obscura
    Don't be oversensitive about your accounts

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    If I were you I would work on getting into a semi-decent private tracker, and so long as the movie is somewhat of a classic one.

    I can tell you though, of the trackers I have access to, I cannot seem to locate that specific movie.

    Maybe someone with a broader range of searchable private trackers can shed some more light on where you should spend your time trying to get in.

    However, many older movies that aren't well known are impossible to find online and sometimes you must resort to something like netflix or blockbuster: they're not that expensive.

    Sorry I can't be more help.

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    i'll check out the sites and take ur advice

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    Unfortunately you will not be able to find that movie (or many other older movies for that matter) on any public or private trackers because with just 374 IMDB votes and most importantly no DVD, the movie just isn't popular enough for someone to rip it from vhs or tv and upload it.

    Your best bet might be to post a request in newsgroups (try or rip it yourself

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    karagarga doesn't have it either.

    The only thing I could find is that the german version of this movie was available for download about 15 months ago, but it looks like we can't find it anymore.

    well, there is still the option of buying it

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    is karagarga still workin. If so, is it for invite only?

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    go with Cinema obscura

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    KG is the best, and currently open.

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