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Thread: Media Player Classic sound probs for DVD

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    I'm trying to use Media Player Classic from

    I'm having probs with the audio. The sound is coming in really low. Anybody know how to fix this?

    Should I just install Power DVD?

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    The fact that the volume is coming in at all is evidence of the fact that the problem probably doesn't lie with the codec or program, and it is likely that another program won't fix this.

    Can we assume that you've checked both your overall system volume and the volume control in MPC?

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    it always comes in low for me and I have to turn my speakers up higher to hear it. It plays fine on my regular dvd player.

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    The volume on my computer works great. Media Player Classic plays my music perfect. It plays my video files perfect.

    However, the sound comes in really low when I open a DVD on it.


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