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Thread: Election Special

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    Platini head of wafa, what think you.

    Does it matter a fuck that a top player is now top man in European puntsphere, or is it meh.
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    Now, see. I don't think it matters a fuck that a top player is now top man in European puntsphere and I'm all for La France, the language, people and the country but once they get into anything political, they invariably turn into self-serving cunts. Even if they're right (like with Iraq) their politicians won't shut up about it and get up everyone's nose.

    In sport, it tends to be even worse. The Heineken cup fiasco atm -- and all the times they previously threatened to pull out. Always being twats in the G14 meetings, even tho' their domestic league is shite.

    I duno, Platini - French bloke, looks a bit arrogant - as soon as I saw the news, I thought that it's gonna be a nightmare.

    The French = decent spuds, crap politicians.
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