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    I have never played Everquest before, and someone I work with gave me Everquest Shadows of Luclin, and I was wondering if this game is any good, and another question I have is can you only play this game online, and if so is there any place to play it for free? :beerchug:

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    I think Evercrack is online only. It was when I last looked. And as far as I know, there is no place to play it for free. The last time I played Evercrack was before any of the expansions came out though, so my information may not be completely accurate.

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    EQ sucks mah balls

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    It is online only and its 12.95 a month and you cant play it for free anywhere.I only recommend it if you have a lot of free time, i've been playing for a year now and my grades and social have suffered greatly =/

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    So what you are saying is if I start playing be prepared to get a divorce. :beerchug:

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    Originally posted by Stonecoldfreak1@22 May 2003 - 02:15
    EQ sucks mah balls
    hey stoner , thanks for you input , as always very informative and always asked for

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    the original is very good and very addictive, but i dont know about any of the addons, although i am trying to get hold of some of the addons at the moment.

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    dont bother with it. the game has gone to hell its not even fun anymore i've already almost quit.go with eqoa or wait for everquest 2 to get released


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