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Thread: Need Bt Link For Reloaded Centropy Release

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    I need the Bittorent link for the new centropy release for reloaded (the 3 disk one). I am on 56k and will be gone for 4 days on vacation. Thats why I want to download this.. I currently have the TMD version and this Centropy release looks awesome compared to what I currently have.. I originally would use IRC, but I will be gone so I cant start disk 2 or disk 3 when the other disk is finished.. Thats why I need the BT link so I can just download the whole folder with all 3 cd's in it (2.3 gigs in total I think).

    I searched for the 2.3 gig folder and some bots have it, but I dont want to DL it bcuz while I am gone for four days, the bot could go offline and that wouldnt be pleasent

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    Whats up man, just get it off of Have a great time on your vacation bro

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    Or See ...........This Topic

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    Alright.. Its connecting now.. Thanx for the quick reply, btw


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