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    Well I am borrowing Splinter Cell from a friend, and I realized that it does not require a cd key, so I was wondering if i could copy it to my pc, so i wont need the disks to play it. I was also wondering if I could make a bin file. How would i be able to do that, or is it too hard, and I should let fairlight do it? Thanks alot for the help.

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    get Alcohol 120% to make the .cue and .bin, then jsut the crack from gamecopyworld.........

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    You could also try making an iso using Nero. But yes you install the game onto your PC without having the disks, but you will need the no-cd crack for it. And if you create iso's for it, the third disk for some reason will slow down on the read process and take a long time. Well, at least for me that seems to happen with any play disk for games.

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    Thanks alot, im dling alcohol 12% now

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    ok, i created the cd images, but it is and "MDF" file. How do i change this to a .bin? and how do I make a .cue?

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    hehehe .mdf means it has a new securcom protection scheme on it u can only emulate this. you have to make them as a .cue and .bin and use winiso, or isobuster to put the crack on the cd


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