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Thread: So i got a server... how i install torrentflux???

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    I got a new server with 20gb and 100mbt..
    with fedora core 6 install on it. i know how to use linux system...

    but i fail to understand how to install torrentflux, someone can help me???

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    get over to the torrentflux website and follow the intructions in the forums, but you need Apache, MySQL, PHP and Python installed before you install flux and get it running.

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    i think u got the same server as me .....well since u know linux so i guess torrentflux would be a cakewalk for you.....apache is already installed on your system i just install php and mysql using yum(this link may help )......then go over to the torrentflux website.......get the tarball from there and then just simple linux stuff...... this link may help
    take care that u dont need to install xaamp as u already have apache i guess
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    Feel free to pm me for any help on installing TF on your linux seedbox


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