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Thread: List of Free News Servers

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    Found it here:

    Hope its useful

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    Thanks for the list, though most of those do NOT have any binaries...totally useless for me. But for someone who likes text, it would be great.

    The only thing they do NOT list, is the retention period for text and binaries.
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    These lists are pretty useless, as said before, the chance they allow binaries is verry small.
    If you find one, the retention will be 1 maybe 3 days, the grouplist wont contain much groups and the speed wont exceed 50kbps, not even talking about retention and completion. Most of them will stop working after a couple of days.
    In fact, there is no such thing as a free public (non-isp) newsserver. Settting up such a service costs loads of money. I read a post by a sysop from a usenet provider today, he said he took the nzb indexer (worth 15k$) down because its performance wasnt great.

    Your only chance is to find a usenet provider who is testing his service and allows the public to testdrive, if your lucky you can use these for a month.


    Free but limited:
    Connections: 1
    Username and Password: Signup:
    Retention/Completion: good
    Speed: 60 kb/ps

    2 weeks of free leeching you'll need to signup tho. (use at your own risk)

    Tests: (poort 119)
    login :
    password : beta
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