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Thread: My Pet Peev Of The Day

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    OK first of all thanks to all that are willing to share all the files out there

    Now why the h*ll do peeps rename files?
    what do they get out of it ?
    this is not a ratio ftp people ?
    upload credits? BS

    Now here's my plan

    anyone who dl's one of these files Please rename them to the correct file name
    (this will reduce sources dus also the chance that someone will dl em)

    message the user that they are hosting a fake file (only takes a sec to do)

    this would (should) stop this nonsense if we all join together and start BANNING this behavior once and forall

    now I have broadband so what ya might say why I care ?

    Remember when u were on dialup people
    can't think what it would be like to dl matrix 2 divx only to findout that after maybe 3-8 days later
    ya got saving private ryan instead

    come on if ya have any goodwill and respect for others this simple solution is easy and takes only a little bit of time

    It also gives ya something else to do then stare at status bar all the time LoL

    lets join together and clean our p2p network for on( c )e and for all


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    Trust me.. I share your frustration, as I'm sure that the majority of the people on this board do. However, this topic has been the subject of discussion countless times.. and I do mean countless The simple truth of the matter is.. very little can be done about it.

    Many suggestions, including yours, have been made in the past, however implementing them.. is either impractical, or impossible.. sorry to say we just have to live with it.

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    Anybody else wanna help me in beating this dead horse?

    LOL! Nah we hear ya of course, and all those are valid points, but when you spend enough time here you'll see how often this comes up. Basically, we all try to stick together cause you can assume the people at this site share and do not rename files, cause that is just lame.

    "We Love You SuperJude!"- the fans


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