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Thread: Splitting A Large Avi To Fit On 2 Cds

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    I have a few large files (avi I think) that I need to back up onto a CD. The CD holds 700meg, so I'll have to break it in two.

    I don't have a binary editor on this machine and don't know if that'll even work. Is there some programs that'll do this?

    Thanks, KarlJay.

    Jeeezzzz, I just looked down a few messages and found the answer (DUH)

    Maybe I should stay awake more...

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    I like easy video splitter.

    I't easy to use and very flexible.

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    what size we talking about bearing in mine you can get 800mb cd-rs and a 700mb cd actually holds 703mb

    you colud always get a dvd vurner that holds up to something like 4.7gb


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