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Thread: Need Assistance With The Switch From Win Me

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    So, this post will be written very noobishly so bare with me...

    >You can't exactly uninstall an OS, right? So how do I fully remove ME in preparation for installing the XPs while saving all the important stuff? My folders and file won't be affected, right? (No need to back anything up)

    >I noticed in the Office Folder that it contains IE 5, while I'm running 6 -- Is there a way to install without selecting certain components? Will I have to redownload and reinstall 6 after?

    >The setup files alone for both XPs are over 1.1 gigs -- when can I get rid of them or will I need to keep them? (hope not&#33

    >Please direct my attention to any other important factors to the upgrade that I'm missing

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    Download this from Microsoft, it will advise you on Hardware/Software Compatibility.

    By the way, you will get to keep all your current files and folders when UPGRADING not FULL, CLEAN INSTALL but will need to reinstall all applications and software, as well as get new XP video drivers

    Good Luck

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