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Thread: Svcd On Dvd Players

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    Hi, Just wondering do SVCD's work on DVD players that cant play normal VCD's???

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    nope they have to be able to play cd-r's for your copies to work.

    or you could try putting the svcd on a cd-rw. they are slighty more like commercial cd's so they should work.

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    i can get the svcd on cd-r's ok, its just that some dvd players cant read vcd format but can read cd-r, but svcd stream is like dvd aint it or am i wrong? so reallly can dvd players play svcd's if they cant play vcd's if they can read cd-r's?

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    my dvd-player can read vcd, but no svcd. and it can play cd-r (and mp3)

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    Yes my can play both vcd and svcd svcd is better quality there isnt as many DVD players that play svcd then VCD

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    some players support mp3, cd-r, cd-rw, dvd-r, dvd-rw, vcd, svcd, etc in any number of combinations. some may support cd-r but not vcd or svcd, some may support vcd and svcd but not cd-r. you really just have to read the details on the machine before you purchase it, to make sure that it plays everything that you want to play on it.

    typically, it seems like the lesser-known brands (like Apex) support more obscure formats like svcd because that's one of the few ways they can compete with the bigger companies (by supporting as many formats and media types as possible, and selling a lot of their players dirt cheap-- as low as $40-$50 USD).

    and to directly answer the original question-- i would say NO. if your player cannot play VCD, i am 99% sure that it will also not support SVCD because... while VCD has long been popular in Asia, SVCD is not a popular commercial format in any part of the world (with the possible exception of mainland China?). so in most parts of the world, there is very little reason for players to support SVCD except for the purpose of playing home-made discs.


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