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    Out on the piss a couple of nights ago my mate told me about some program he found, he wrote the name on a beer mat for me, but I lost it. my mate's now gone on hols for 2 weeks,

    Can't remember what its called only what it does.

    Basically this program stores whats on your discs, you feed in all your disc's and label them, ie 1-5, and it creates some datsbase of everything that is on those discs, I want to use it for my programs discs, I've got about 7 in all and when ever I want something its usually a case of going through everything till I find it.

    With this software I could enter a key word, ie K-lite , it would then search through the database and bring up everything with k-lite and tell me which disc its on ie

    K-lite build 1 Disc 1
    K-lite Codec Pack Disc 3

    etc etc

    I've searched for this but can't find it anywere, anyone got any idea what i'm talking about?


    I've been using Winzip for ages and use the password option to store various stuff, however I d/l passware a few days ago and it cracked all my winzip passwords in a matter of minutes.

    Anyone know of software that enables passward protection that it not crackable?.

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    no problem i found what i was looking for

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