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Thread: text requstes help

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    ive been using usenet for just over 2 weeks now and still amazed and the speed i get compared to Torrents, ive done a lot of reading up on it and just startin to get the hang of it now.

    im not sure if ive got this right or not but could do with a little help.
    ive read that i should be able to make a request for a file using IRC,
    but thats as far as ive got, any help with how this works would be a great help,
    for example say like i wanted to get hold of a Guns n Roses album how would i go about posting this to an IRC channel?

    like ive said any advice would be mucho apreciated, thx

    fastest speed to date 6.45 MB :0
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carbon View Post

    fastest speed to date 6.45 MB :0
    Wow! 6.45 Megabytes per second???

    How fast is your internet connection?

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    Try the guys at, they fill mp3 requests in alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.complete_cd.

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    thx geen ill have a look.

    ok asfdlq3i45poi you got me there thats suposed to be Mbps not MB, up too 6.53 now
    weeeeee still cant get over how fast this flys


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