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    It could simply be all a matter of perception and they are preforming in the same fashion just under different conditions.

    But about 3-4 months ago I upgraded to one of the recent versions of K-lite. A version that includes "speedup" and sig2dats, and something called ptrack which i have no idea what it does.

    The old Kazaa I used had none of these. But I downloaded and used a third party "speedup" program and it all seemed to work quite well.

    If a file was actually out there, it would start downloading albeit at a slow speed, and i think the speedup program would find more sources to speed things up. But if you opened up the plus signs on the downloading file in question, you could go in and find more sources for those downloads as well and soon enough 8, 10, 15 users would be contributing to a download that was registering at 40, 50 60 kbs/sec. This was not unusual at all.

    Now with the upgraded K-lite and the integrated speed up, I rarely if ever see those high speeds and multiple users contributing to a super-fast download. The other day I noticed a file transferring at about 40k/sec which is unfortunately unusual. I think 2 users were contributing to this speed. I opened up the plus sign to use my old trick of finding more sources, and what happened? The file stopped downloading all together. It went to search for more sources and gone was that fabulous speed not to return again.

    In my current set up, my average download speed is about 7-14kb/sec and my avg users contributing to this speed is 1 or 2. Something is a miss in my view. I searched for a file that had a shit-load of users. The original matrix. I think there was over 30 users sharing it. I started the download and certainly 30 users did not contribute to my transfer. I never reached speeds above 20/kbs and the file also took more than 48 hours to download. I have no way to prove it... but I am almost certain during my old set up, opening up the users and letting the speed up program search for more users under them, I would have been able to download a popular file like "the matrix" in a mater of hours, not days.

    Who agrees?

    Can I find the old version out there anywhere? I un-installed it off my computer and it is long gone from my HD.

    I chalked the problem up to the current "speed up" program installed with this version of k-lite. So i download some third party version off of google. That didn't help and the program was filled with spamming crap as well.

    Any advice or suggestions?

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    While I haven't experienced the same results as you, it sounds quite frustrating.
    Have you checked all your configuration settings ( maximum sources for downloads, time between searches, etc.)?
    If you still want an older version they can be had here.
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    Well, it's just you then...

    KLite has absolutely no demerits compared to KMD... none.

    As for your speeds, as clocker said, check your settings (especially the speedup settings) and make sure you use AutoSearchMore as well. It's one of the greatest tools of KLite. Also, make sure to get the newest version, it has KDat instead of DatView, KSig instead of Sig2Dat, and some other stuff like AviPreview which you don't seem to have.

    My average sources per download for more-or-less common files is 8-10, for common files it got up to 30. I've never used KMD in my entire life but have a lot of friends who used it... they were pretty deep in spyware and ad crap

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    KMD doesn't compare to K-Lite. But I also think there is something wrong with the speedup program in the latest version.

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    Hypothetically speaking, if there is "something wrong" with the latest version of speed up...

    is there a way to get the older one i used to use?

    thank you for the link to the older version of k-lite.

    As for KMD... what is that... and how did that get brought up?

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    upon further review, I never remember seeing more than 2 users contributing to my download ever.
    and curently I am downloading some popular files and yet there is still just 2 users.

    Which is odd, since my setting is set at max 40 users for download.

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    KMD is Kazaa Media Desktop... that's what you used before KLite, right ?

    Anyway, there's nothing wrong with the new speed up prog, there can't really be anything wrong if they don't change the menus because it just clicks the 'find more sources' button every so often (as you set). Just make sure your SpeedUp settings are correct. The defaults are NOT ok. The # of seconds between cycles should be a large number, not 1. The number of seconds between items should prolly be 60-120. It won't be effective if it's lower than 60.

    Good luck

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    you r right (healimonster) the old one is faster i post a topic before one or two weeks ago .......

    for me who sit near the pc and check the download speed every 10 min i saw that in the old versoin better
    A version that includes "speedup" and sig2dats, and something called ptrack
    and i did search for that versoin it's nowhere to find u will find old version but with out the ptrack or the speedup.

    i wish they r program ban eveybody who dosen't share

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    More and more ISPs are aquiring the means to cripple Kazaa's networking and speeds.

    So it doesn't matter WHICH program you use, speeds may still suck...

    There are some ISPs that still allow their users to use up to 100% of their bandwidth however they feel, but they're getting fewer and far inbetween.

    Lots more people who are on broadband are getting routers and connecting multiple computers to the internet -- but that means they're becoming MUCH harder to connect to, thus about the only people you CAN find are 56k users... and their connections are seldom up more than a couple hours at a time and their ip varies each time they reconnect.

    There are more and more hostile attackers on Kazaa (actually the FastTrack network) -- some are sharing viruses, others fake files, others are just trying to 'bust' people for copyright infringement, a very few are probably crashing users' computers due to kazaa bugs and hacking tricks, and the very worst are trying to disrupt/crash the very network itself.

    Making KL++ a better program and including a better 'speedup' will only help marginally against these problems.


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