Hi there's a new hub for lossless format music.We are Frank Zappa fans
who collect and share lossless music.At the hub we only share lossless
format audio & video and we don't share copyrighted works or any
material that has ever been officially released.We are a fairly new hub and we are
currently sharing about 15 TB of lossless audio&video-ROIO'S & VOIO'S but the numbers
are growing daily as we get new members.Thats why i'm inviting all Zappa
fans who enjoy Franks music and who collect lossless format recordings
of all types of bands.There are no restrictions to keep you out if you
don't have a share yet and you will have 30 days to download & share 10
GB of lossless music 2gb's of it being Zappa music, We share all bands
though.If you are interested send me an email to: umrk_hub@yahoo.com
and i'll let you know how to register.Or go to the website and fill out
and submit the registration form which is what I prefer that you do.The name of the hub is"THE UTILITY
OP's NAMES:Bodeaga,celestial,cygnals,geneiv,groovinpict,juniorbubba,mooner,T,viking,TheYak,mooneratwork

WEBSITE: www.freewebs.com/honyak45
FORUM: http://com4.runboard.com/bhonyaksuniverse
The set of rules are rather long (been added to website) or I would have added them to this post.
P.S. click on the hub email address to send email because the
underline is hiding the line between umrk and hub its not umrk hub its
Don Garrant (TheYak)owner
first of all do you know how to use DC++ software and how to get to a
hub? if so then fill out the registration form at the website with a
password and nickname you want to use and i'll send you the hub address.If
not I can send you a short guide I wrote or you can find guides at the hub forum that will tell you how to get
the free DC++ software and how to set it up so you can get to the
hub.Once you are at the hub we will help you get the rest of it set up so
that you can start downloading and sharing.Let me know and we'll get you
started :-)
None of this will cost you a penny either! you can also see my trade list(needs updating with at least 30 more voio's & roio's) at the forum along with links for lots of useful software for traders and tapers.
Free audio and video recordings of concerts that you or friends
attended are available for download.
Forget about buying off of eBay. All you have to do is register for
free and experience the excitement of real-time, interactive music
trading as you chat with and meet hundreds of other music traders from
around the world. Free music downloads of high quality unofficial soundboard
and audience taped shows are just waiting to be downloaded by you.
Everything you will find is lossless FLAC or SHN. Did you know that
lossy MP3s achieve their small file size by discarding most sound above
15Khz? Did you know that you can hear just over 20khz? Stop trading MP3
and come experience the advantages of lossless audio and witness the
impact that it has made on everyone.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Don Garrant(The Yak)UMRK Hub owner

PS I think i'll add the set of hub rules to the website right now so prospective members know what to expect.

PPS : Rules have been added to the website