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Thread: It Comes With The Territory

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    A lot of people complain about file sharing, they say they download movies with incorrect titles, mp3’s from badly ripped CD’s, viruses when they try to get software, leechers, etc. I’ve run into all that, but you know what I got over it. When we decide to trade files instead of buying products, we should not be surprised if we get bad quality stuff. We shouldn’t drop the pretence of quality altogether, we should just not expect that it is going to be easy to get what we want.

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    I agree.

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    Me too.

    After all, if it was easy, then anyone could do it...
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    Ditto, in #KLchat we get a lot of impatient and rude people who complain way too muc, and it's like "Hey did you not just get all your music and movies for free before this one bad file or slow download?"


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