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    I had no idea where to put this.

    Neither requests or verified seemed logical, so I put it here.

    I downloaded a zip file from bittorrent that was supposedly St. Anger.
    Now I've never downloaded something from bittorrent that wasn't real, but this file contained what sounded like demos for the most part.

    Another thing that I noticed is that Frantic was not on there. (The song they played on Icon)

    Can anyone verify what this is?

    If it is some of their new stuff, amen! It's about time they got their heads out of their asses and played metal again.

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    I downloaded it too, the sound quality was so bad that it was hard to tell if it was real. Until i listened to a song that was more likely to be Slayer or something than Metallica......... si i guess its not Metallica, or at least not all songs. Some songs were only half, with no singing, really bad rip.........
    I deleted it, ill wait for a good St. Anger rip.


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