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Thread: Stuck At 2 Users

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    For a while I have thought my current k-lite configuration was running at sub-par standards, But I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong.

    I had all the settings tweaked to be in favor of faster downloads with the speedup program running.

    Currently I have the maximum file sources for download set at 40.

    yet when I am downloading popular files I am never able to go above 2 users for that download.

    What is up with that?

    Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Uh... you just posted this in another topic.

    Just use SpeedUp and AutoSearchMore in combination. If your KLite settings are ok as you said, then there should be no problem. Just try leaving both tools on for a while (and try to dl more common files), and watch the results...

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    I know, that is the reason for this post. I figured out what is wrong. Its the fact that I can't get more than 2 sources, even though speedup is running, auto search is on, and my max files sources for download is set at 40.

    Yet i could be downloading Road Trip and I will never have more than 2 sources downloading.

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    1, Pause all your downloads using P-Tricks ect...

    2, Only restart upto 10 downloads

    3, Now search for the 10 or so downloads again but don't download them again

    4, When your downloads kick back in and they will expand the + next to the name and right click on the new files that have 0.00kb on and search for more downloads

    thats it job done

    I downloaded Kangeroo Jack this morning in 15mins with a WHOPPING 15 USERS

    At a speed of 139.67kb

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    That certainly seemed to increase the speeds of the ones that were actually downloading.

    And for a breif moment it even showed that 6 users were contributing to the download... but it quickly went back to 2 users... however the DL speed is staying fairly high even though it is only showing 2 users.

    Odd because when i search for the file as you suggested it states that there are many users with the file (26) but yet it only states 2 are being used even though now it is showing fast DL speeds (20+, catch me if you can at 80kb/s)

    Now onto finding a good hash of Matrix reloaded


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