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Thread: NHL Torrents... CIF??

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    Hi guys,
    I have been looking tirelessly for a good site to download NHL game torrents. I have bassically only come up with Center Ice Forums. Anybody know of any other good sites?? If not, does anyone happen to have an invite to CIF that they could spare????
    THanks a lot!!

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    CIF is only a forum. for torrents you should try their new tracker or demonoid. but you need invites. i have some, but i can't send them to you.

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    << I've seen them pre'd so i know there out there....but i havent seen them on any tracker
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    Can somebody give me his login for

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilyaskorina View Post
    Can somebody give me his login for
    LOL, how about my credit card number, pin and the rest
    Why you need it, anyway?
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