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Thread: Battle Royale

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    Have anyone seen Battle Royale ,itīs a japanese horror movie and I have seen the trailer of it which looks good,if anyone want to see the trailer,then go HERE

    EDIT:Damn just noticed that I posted this in wrong place

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    that movie makes no sense at all in a macro scale

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    It's an old one, this year Battle Royale II will be released

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    Originally posted by {I}{K}{E}@22 May 2003 - 20:07
    It's an old one, this year Battle Royale II will be released
    Thanks for th info,didnīt know that

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    LOL...Well since this is supposed to be for verieifed hashes...I guess I might as well give one for this very entertaining film:

    Length:736028672 Bytes,718778KB

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    the democratic government is sending students to kill eachother every three years and the parent citizens seem to be perfectly ok with it

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    itz a damn good movie...
    cant wait for the sequel to be released...
    wonder how it would be like...
    anyway...except for a little plot hole nearing the end...
    the whole movie is pretty much very enjoyable..
    lots of violence n stuff...
    very good potrayal of wat real life can be like...

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    who cares what the parents of the students think...they're not even in it!

    it's a great movie
    one of my faves
    cant wait for the sequel

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    yea like others have said its a weird one but worth a look


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