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Thread: Looking for an anime image

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    I am looking an a anime, manga etc style image of three/four /five characters
    in one image,
    sort of "coming out"/forward, as a team etc
    like superheroes etc,
    its for a caricature i have to make, of four girls.
    Thank in advance

    sort of in this style...
    if you know what i mean..

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    i think i read ur post correctly. u needed girls?

    first thing that came to mind. old school anime with "girls".

    Magic Knight Rayearth

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    YES that's the style! and compostion,
    do you have more of those, but in focus and big size? (wallpaper size)

    Illl look for Magic Knight Rayearth on google in the meantime.

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    Is there another cartoon with similar style?

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