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    I just wanted to know where web designers get inspiration from to create pages - iam using DreamWeaver - i know how to use - flash - dreamweaver - fireworks but getting ideas for a site layout is a lot harder than designing 1 - so i would just like sum advice from a web designer...

    thanks and keep it easy...

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    Where does anyone gain inspiration or ideas from?

    Like all Artists or Musicians, Web Designers are the same type of animal, they just let their creative juices flow. You have an idea of the overall way the site should look, usually governed by the topic/subject/taste or product and you set about trying to achieve it! B)

    If you already know how to use Flash (I'm trying to learn MX ) and Fireworks, surely you've created graphics, swf's etc.?

    Let yourself go, create B)

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    I use Dreamweaver and Frontpage XP+My html/java script skills. I like to use frontpage for those huge layout projects that would take hours to do with code cause when I'm done, the size of the code is very very long, but still loads fast.
    Dreamweaver and Flash MX to go Joecartoon style

    I like to listen to music while i'm working too.. Makes me want to get all slick in the design

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    Yeah Music Helps Me Out Also, Ideas For Sites Come From Mates, Like When Something Happens, We're All Like "Now We Got To Turn That Into A Flash Movie"

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    Open Source to the rescue. Go to Open Source Web Development where you can get free templates for use in Dreamweaver, Frontpage etc.

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    no inspiration here... wat ever comes to my mind when im in bed... dreamin... ideaz pop up when your asleep or sleeping...

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