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Thread: A Flight Simulator Game?

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    i want a gmae like flight sim 2002 or combat flight simulator 3? one that works and has pretty good graphics...can u also provide like a verified link for either kazaa lite or edonkey? thanks

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    Get any of the IL-2 Sturmovik games ...better than any of MS Combat Flight Simulators

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    where can i get thoes and cna u maybe giimie a verified link?

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    I get all my games from eMule or eDonkey ,,,and all my music from kazaa.

    The eDonkey network is more breaks your download into many parts..and if one part is corrupt , it replaces it.

    Kazaa downloads the FULL ISO all at one time so you have a much greater chance for corruption.

    kazaa is alot faster but what good is that if you have to re download everything 3 times


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