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Thread: Is wireless any good for Broadband ?

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    Hi Guys

    This is just a general question.

    Here in New Zealand we are stuck with one major controller of our internet backbone using copper wire to just about every house in the country.

    They are still using ADSL technology so we are all complaining about the speed of our BB downloads (and uploads). (as well as that the contention rates are too high)

    Some other ISPs are coming in and offering wireless BB.

    But the main Telco here - Telecom - keeps saying this is unreliable and that we should wait for them to install ADSL2 (or VDSL)

    My question is

    I understand that in some previously un-developed countries eg China, India and parts of Arica, where they never had a full copper-wire network they have gone straight to wireless or sattelite.

    Do they have good reliable connections ?

    I would love to hear from some users in those countries !



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    i have korean friends who live in seoul. they have wifi everywhere, and he dls from limewire @ mbs 1~3. now this could just be them exaggurating, but it seems 'reliable' and just as good as a VDSL connection.
    they use a few scattered towers around the city... from what i have heard sattellites are the type of connections that you can unexpectedly get disconnected from, much less wifi unless there is a really weak signal

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    Wireless always drops out for me. I always get dropped out of internet games.
    Check out my freeware for Windows!


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