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Thread: pentium 4 extremeedition ?

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    would this chip be any good for playing baack high defination ?

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    um, what the does the CPU have to do with video playback?
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    Hd Stuff Is Quite Demanding. For Some Reason Even My 3.2ghz P4 Chip Struggles Sometimes And As A Result Have Jittery Video Playback

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    in HD video or anyother video for that matter the CPU is the one which uncompresses the video frame by frame and plays it at 24fps. in normal video the uncompressing process is easy as the frames are smaller and the sound is also simpler, but in HD the frames are bigger and the sound is dts/dolby so the processor takes much more stress to decode them and sent it to the monitor.

    the p4 chips dont have the FETCHING Algorithms that effective but the newer Core2Duos and x2 chips have them built in them so thats y it makes them the best HD munchers.

    P.S-use COREAVC codec it can play 720p at 70% proc load in a 2.4GHZ p4 chip with 6600Gt, or u can try nVidia PureVideo HD.. but COREAVC is the way to go.

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    Many thanks guys, espically u memmom for the tips. The P4 chip really is showing its age now.


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