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    I am a beginner, so just want to see if I can do the easiest thing first.
    I have movies in my hd that I wish to take out of (due to limited space-20g) & transfer to a disk.
    Once on a disk, at this time my desire is to only watch the disk on my pc.
    I have a dvd & cd-r built into the pc.
    I went out to buy some dvd-r & dvd+r. Did I make a mistake ?
    I have cd-r blanks, but surely it does'nt have space to hold a movie.
    I have Nero 5.10, but just not sure to copy as file.....or video file.....
    data file option is ok if I only want to watch on my pc ?
    Bottom line, I want the movies out of hd to free up the space, so I can d/l more movies.
    Once movies on disk, I can watch it on pc. I dont mind . Easiest & fastest way ?

    Many thanks & sorry for babbling....

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    If you burn the movie as a data file onto a CD-R you'll be fine.
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    Since you only want to watch on the pc, then burn as data. If you have big 700+ MB movies, then use the dvd-r's you bought.

    Remember, since your trying to just free up disk space, fit all the movies you can onto the DVD-R.

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    Do you have a dvd burner? It sound like you just have a dvd player (read) and a cdrw drive.

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    You are right, I just realized. I have no dvd burner damnit ! just dvd player & cd r-rw
    I popped in the dvd-r into my cd writer & Nero "burn" button greyed out & I could'nt do anything
    I guess I can only burn less than 700mb movies onto my cd-r disk for the time being.

    I think I will try Nero CD Burning option as opposed to Nero Express. I should be able to compile
    a Data CD by dragging & dropping like Direct CD. I am not burning but transferring, so the DVD R disk
    should work in the CD R-RW drive, if not, I go with the CD R-RW disk


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