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Thread: how to run game/warhammer mark of chaos

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    im stuck....ive downloaded and installed warhammer....but when i click on the shortcut on my says please insert cd-rom...i burnt disc one a cd but it still doesnt work...can someone pleas help me?

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    can someone plz help me?

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    /moved to Games. Gonna get more views and better help here.
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    Cheese's Avatar Poster
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    is everything.
    You need to update to the 1.2 patch and then copy the 1.2 crack into the game directory, the crack should be on the disk itself. If not then head over to somewhere like GameCopyWorld or Torrentspy and search for it. BTW, the information on how to apply the crack should be in the nfo that comes with the game, you can open the nfo using Notepad.

    I'd link you to a crack but there's rules against it.

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    im also having trouble with mideval total war 2...same thing....what do i do?
    oh and thx for the help cheese!

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    MCHeshPants420's Avatar Fake Shemp
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    Much the same thing I'd imagine (though have never installed this particular game). Look on the disk for a folder with the crack in it or look for the nfo and that should have the instructions of what to do.

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    i still wont work...and warhammer wont even start up

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    could you give me a detailed guide..or can i find one....about mounting and installing games?

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    without using discs

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    oh and 1.2 patch for what? the game or the crack? not sure i know what you meen?

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