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Thread: Seedbox Help Tia

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    hi folks

    i need help as i have problem uploading torrents but would like to hire a seedbox

    im my view a seedbox is where i can put the torrent files which i have downloaded and they will seed from a server is cyberspace?

    is that true?

    im unsure what it is but would like something to help me seed so that i can upload like crazy

    thanks for reading this and i would like proper no nonsense comments and please no sarcasm!


    if anybody has used this please pm me or reply here so i can understand a seedbox better

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    i would like more info on this aswell

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    .. a seedbox is a root server mostly having a 100 Mbit full duplex connection and running linux. You can setup torrentflux (or whatever) on those in order to seed your torrents. The "problem" is, that you need certain linux server administration skills in order to secure the services, encrypt the hard disks, protect your root from all those script-kiddies out there etc.


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