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Thread: Fake Matrix Reports

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    Getting tired of all these fakers out there!!
    so post yer fake ones here, and theyre sharers!!

    Matrix 2 (Reloaded) 632 820 kb
    Downloaded at: jb@kazaa
    this is actually a shitty copy of Star Wars 2

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    Use the verifieds or Bittorrent.You will not get fakes then and life will be more peaceful.

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    Edit:whoops,sorry.Glitch on my comp!

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    But Im also doing the whole kazaa bit.
    Just gets on meh tits about theses fakers so I thought that Id start this to seed them out.

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    No need to post fakes when we have the verifieds

    btw, it's better to use the ones fresh from BT/IRC as guides for other programs while searching on KL since those can be the only real, high-quality releases out at the time.

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    True that.
    But I now have 2 fakes in my shared folder and 5 thanks from downloaders... so Ill continue my crusade

    Matrix 2 CD1 - FAKE (this is Bourne Ident)
    716 356 kb

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    Any movie that claims to be Matrix Reloaded and is between the file size 100 MB to 700 MB are ALL FAKE. Matrix Reloaded can't be anything smaller than 700 MB even in Divx.

    I would also advice to avoid downloading anything that says CD1 and CD2 or Part 1 and Part 2 - since most of those don't even match and are fake.

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    shikome what we are saying is DONT POST FAKES! we have a fucking verified section in the message board all the stuff for reloaded that is not there IS PROBABLY FAKE!

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    Yeah, I believe we had a "fakes" area at one time, but its gone because no one used it. The verifieds are all you'll need.
    Proud member of MDS

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    Oki... my bad!
    My first blunder... Im so proud
    Should I just delete, or leave this as an "what not to do" thingie ?

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