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Thread: Dance/Club Music

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    I've recently got back into some older dance/clubbing music and just wondered if anyone had any susgestions of golden old gems I may have forgotten. Stuff from the late 90's that became popular in the club scene.

    I've been listning to a lot of Faithless/Prodigy recently and then some Cascada (not really 90's I know) and have spent the last few weeks trying to get everything and anything thats like this stuff. You know, those songs that everybody knows the sound to but sometimes can't rememeber the name. Anything from Scooter to Kernkraft 400.


    Edit; Specifically looking for songs that are good to drive along to, high tempo and such.
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    n00b BT Rep: +1
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    Darude Sandstorm? :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxxeh View Post
    Darude Sandstorm? :S
    Yeah, already got that. Been looking round some of those streaming music websites ( for example) and have just re-found Children by Robert Miles and Seven Days And One Week by B.B.E. Only problem is I can't find anywhere to download them

    Keep 'em coming.

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    well what kinda music exactly? Euro Trance? Vocal Trance? House? I can hook you up, just let me know what kind of music...use if you must

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    Quote Originally Posted by Global Jihad View Post
    well what kinda music exactly? Euro Trance? Vocal Trance? House? I can hook you up, just let me know what kind of music...use if you must
    It's less trance and more dance I'm after, although listning to some PVD was good. It's less of a mellow feel i'm looking for and more of the rythmic beats of Faithless, the signature sound of Insomnia or ZombieNation or Better Off Alone. That type of music.

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    Hmm not sure if these are quite what you're after - but they're all 90s dance/clubby artists.

    Roni Size
    The Chemical Brothers
    The Shaman
    Apollo 440
    Josh Wink (just for Higher State of Consciousness)

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    snowultra's Avatar Member
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    paul oakenfold
    roger sanchez

    i think you want more pop-club-dance music, which is what i like. straight trance is boring music after a couple minutes.

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    All the Tiesto Magik series (mixcds)

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    Some good suggestions above, Chemical Bros etc

    CJ Bolland
    Wipeout XL Soundtrack
    Alec Empire
    Red Snapper
    Fluke - Absurd (Whitewash Edit)
    K&D Sessions
    My own personal recomendation (If you don't already have it) would be > Essential Mix Vol 1 album, would make an fookin excellent addition. One of the few albums I've went back to over the years.

    If you don't have it and cant get it, I would be more than happy to assist.
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    Thanks for all the ideas guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by eli1981 View Post
    All the Tiesto Magik series (mixcds)
    Yeah been listening to some Tiesto and really like it, cheers.

    @Colt Seevers - Nice, i'll have a look for that album now, a lot of stuff I havnt heard of on there so i'll give it a go.

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