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Thread: How Do You Think Of This Review?

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    "My one star review is for the DVD not the movie. In fact, the problem is I like the movie and would want to buy it on DVD. But I think it's ridiculous for these Hollywood people, who are always preaching to us, to charge so much for a movie that is so old and also when there are no extras on the DVD. How about a little documentary on the stars, the directors, etc. Something. Either that or make the price twelve bucks instead of double that. Also, what is the quality of the sound and picture, have they cleaned that up? This is highway robbery from a bunch of people who are constantly berating us for complaining about taxes or whatever, while they're living in half a dozen houses around the world and driving around Los Angeles in a mobile home so they don't have to share restrooms with the rest of us peasants (Barbra Streisand), all the while telling us we're supporting terrorism by driving SUVs. But I digress, the bottom line is that while this may be a great movie, it is overpriced for its age (after all, any and all costs to make it, distribute it, advertise it, have long ago been recouped) and, without any extras, Hollywood should give back a little to the people who have supported them and charge a reasonable price. "

    isn't kazaa a good solution to this?
    how do you think?

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    yes of course

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