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Thread: Movies Stopped Working

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    I recently found out about downloading movies from kazaa. I have successfully downloaded half baked and the second half of Matrix Reloaded. These were avi files. Divx and Real One Player played both at first. WMP and Quicktime wouldn't play them. I tried to download the first part of Matrix Reloaded and none of those players would work. The other two movies that I downloaded also stopped working with Real One Player and played without sound with divx. What all do i have to download in order to see movies downloaded from kazaa?

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    you might need the correct codec, download it form the kazaa lite main website, the codec pack

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    The later dl could be fakes, you may also want to get GSpot if the codec pack dosen't work to see what they are.

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    Hello RClover, Welcome to getting Movies for FREE!

    Congratulations, now let's get you set up and watching those movies, okey?

    First and foremost, Are you using the latest version of Kazaa Lite?
    If not, drop everything and get a copy here

    After downloading that, now you need CODECS to watch movies.
    Download K-Lite Codec Pack Full.

    When watching movies, however you might be interested and better off by using a DIVX Player, go to their website and get the free one

    After installing of all these you shall be ready for viewing.

    Now you just gotta get the right versions of the movie

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    hi there !
    you may also benefit by looking at all to offer from InterVideo
    not only can you play back mpeg/svcd/avi/vcd/dvd,video on full screen they also burn to dvd with one mouse click.


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