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    Hi to all, here is my problem!
    I have 2 hard drives, (C is 40 mb and (D is 60 mb. I use (D to keep special files and movies etc! ALSO my Image Restore is on the (D About a year ago I paid a technician to install Drive Image 2002, instead of putting a partition on my (C he put the Restore Image on the (D and I have used it many times and have been very happy with it! However I feel that I would now like to change my restore image by formatting my (C , doing a clean install of Windows XP Prof, selecting just the programs and favorites that I want and saving my own Image File with my Drive Image 2002!
    I have Windows XP Prof (legal&#33
    Well I have formatted my (C in the past and know how to do it, but after booting up with my Windows CD and starting a new install it will not let me format my (C drive so that I can put a clean install on it! It keeps saying delete my (D partition. (the tech’ put my Restore Drive onto my (D drive&#33
    Is it possible that if I uninstall the Drive Image 2002 program then delete the Restore Image on my (D: ) that I could then do a clean install of Windows XP Prof and it will let me format my (C: ) ?
    I hope this does not sound too complicated! Bye. Norman
    PS. If you need to know anything else before you try to answer, please Email me!

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    u have a 40mb and 60mb HD u sure???

    don't u mean gig??

    Use partition magic 8 too

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    Yes thank God you noticed it! 40gb and 60gb! Bye norman

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    m8 if u only want to format c: and not d:
    just boot up from the xp cd like u did but press r for repair
    then just type format c: ,exit when finish boot back up off the cd but this time choose install windows B)

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    CosmoK. Sounds too easy to be true BUT I just have to try it before the other two very complicated suggestions that I was about to try!
    Thanks very much. Norman

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    Now live in Canada!

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    Well I would like to thank you all for your help it took my meager brains a while to sort it out, don’t ask me how, I think I did a little bit from all of the suggestions, BUT IT WORKED!
    Now one more thing for anyone who has Direct Image 2002, I put my files back into the Drive Image Restore file but there is one I wish to delete. The help instructions are very clear but when I right click on the file that I want to delete, the delete tag is not highlighted so won’t work!
    I tried it on several files but it will not highlight at all! Does that mean I do not have a complete Drive Image 2002 program?
    Thanks again. Norman


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