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    i'm a brand spankin newbe to downloading, just a quick question. If i download full-lenght movies, how do i burn them onto a dvd using nero. I have a dvd writer, but have never tried it before. Also, once on a disc, does that mean it will play on all dvd players and not just pc's?

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    hi there man, you dont have to use the DVD writer to burn the CDs, just use a regular CD writer.
    anyway, once youve finished burning the full length movie (2-3 hours, depends) then it SHOULD play on your DVD player, otherwise, the file wasnt in the right format or something...
    hope i helped

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    If you have a DVD writer then you should also have DVD buring software that came with it

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    Berryman imo use ur dvd burner, a full movie converted to vcd svcd
    wont fit on 1cdr they normaly hav to b cut for2-3 disk should b able to help u


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