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Thread: Football matches in Italy suspended

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    Anyone has heard about what happened in Catania last friday, before, during and after the Italian major league football match between Catania and Palermo?
    A police-office killed.
    All football matches have been called off during the last weekend (may be they start again "playing" this weekend). Depending on me they could have suspended forever. Absurd violence, without any sense. Really dunno how a man can arrive to do this...what's the reason?!?
    Here in Italy football is dead. Only driven by money and personal interest. They have ruined the best game in the world. Stupid men.

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    they just need tighter security, and im sure they will be fine.

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    it's was impulsive. but i think that they should have take a week off, and think about all. it's embarassing to play game with no audience . week off would be better then that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowultra View Post
    they just need tighter security, and im sure they will be fine.
    The Italian game in general has been trying to sweep these problems under the carpet, and now it's come back to bite them on the arse.

    I mean come on, one guy 'smuggled' a Vespa scooter into the San Siro so he could throw it off the top deck of the Stadium at the opposing fans!!

    They should be banned from European football for a few years till they get their house in order.

    Now it takes the tragic circumstances in which a policeman had to lose his life for some action to be taken.

    Italian FA? They are all corrupt and all footballs governing bodies (UEFA) are too afraid to take serious action against them due to the power and money the Italian FA hold in Europe. The English got a ban in Euro compititions for all the Hooligan trouble, which I think they served about 5 years before getting back in. You wont see that happening to the Italians thats for sure..
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    + 1 to what colt said.

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    The Italians fans known as crazy difficult to me believe during the seseon all will change

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    Roma had to play one game behind closed doors for this

    I can understand the sort of tribal nature that football invokes in people and have seen on plenty of occasions the hatred that can be caused by people wearing a different colour shirt but when people bring homemade bombs to throw at each other and the police they have definitely crossed the line.

    The italian stadiums seem to be run by the ultras these days rather than the police. How exactly do you sneak a vespa into a stadium? Any premiership ground i have been to these days has someone feeling my collar 30 seconds after i spark up a cigerette or sneak a beer to my seat.

    The Italian authorities need to make every ground use turnstiles (which was required at the beginning of the season but very few actually bothered with), increase cctv inside the stadiums, identify the trouble makers, issue 5 year banning orders preventing them from coming close to the ground and have long jail times for football related violence like in this country. maybe even large fines for the club for rascist or fascist displays by fans or even players as an added incentive to really do something about them.

    Uefa need to step up and say if these measures are not in place by next season you will be banned from all european football and home games must be played behind closed doors until they are. This threat of bankrupting any club not to tow the line would soon have italian football sorted.

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    italy have been notorious for years.

    in some case the ultras even pick the team

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    its an absolute joke,

    hopefully they can get something sorted out


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