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Thread: Best Price and Service

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    Hello I know that this question has been posted many times, but I want to know what is the best service and price for a new guy who want to try the usenet experience, thanks very much.

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    Posted this in another thread awhile back but here,

    Check it,

    Giganews: 90 days retention with 10 connections. Unlimited DL package costs $24.99/month. Pay $5/month more to get SSL encryption and 10 more connections.
    PowerUsenet: 55 days retention and 4 connections for $14.95. Or 75 days retention and 8 connections for 19.99. Both unlimited DL. No encryption
    NewsDemon: 65 days retention and 8 connections for $17.99. Or 85 days retention and 20 connections for $20.99. Both unlimited DL. No encryption.
    NewsHosting: 45 days retention for $14.95/month or 70 day retention for $19.95/month. Both unlimited DL and 8 connections. No encryption.
    UsenetServer: 75 days retention with 10 connections for $14.95/month for ulimited DL. Plus, in a few months, they are upgrading to 101 day retention. Encryption is included free.

    Well, honestly, I think UsenetServer is the best deal. Plus, if you get the 3 month package, its really like ~$13/month.
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    UsenetServer has the most bang for your buck.

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    UsenetServer gets my vote, I love the NZB generator

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    thanks very much I really appreciate

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    Theyre all in my sig and you can support FST if you signup with our referral links...

    GigaNews - Best completion and retention.
    NewsHosting - Great completion and pricing.
    UseNetServer - Great service and pricing.
    NewsDemon - Great service and accept PayPal.

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    All basically good suggestions above, I've been on most of them and have been on Giganews for 3+ years now; so any of my comments on the 'others' are hazy rememberings and with the leaps and bounds improvements by just about everyone during that time, maybe it's time to 'think' about switching.

    BUT... it all comes down to how much your time is worth, chasing down bad or corrupted parts, downloading that last PAR file, machine/CPU time recovering things, needing a 'fills' account somewhere to backup your primary, ect. Giganews was and remains the most $$$, I moved to them from having Usenetserver (plus a fills account), because I simply got tired of tracking down huge chucks of missing crud. But, like I said, that was 3+ years ago. RIght now, I'm probably too lazy to change.

    But again, in some 600GB in the last couple of months, I had 1 (ONE) block corrupted from Giga. That's how good the s/w is these days, if the originating server sent it out, come **** or high water it will be complete at any of the major servers. And most of them seem to be increasing retention by leaps and bounds in direct proportion to the cost of HD space (which means they should be passing 200 days by the end of this year... if not 300!!!).


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