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Thread: 2hard Drives On 1 Comp

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    will it give me another drive letter for the new hd, or will they interact as one with 1 drive letter?

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    You will Get Another Drive Letter Mate.

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    It will show up as another drive in 'My Computer'.

    You can also partition the drive into several sections and have (for example) D:, E:, F: and G: . Your main drive can also have partitions so that it 'appears' that you have lots of drives.

    Btw. This thread should be in 'Hardwareworld'.

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    Yeah Mostly It Will Use The Next Letter After Ur First Hard Drive..... Eg. 1st Hard Drive Is C: So It Will Make It D: , Unless You Have Other Drives

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    Note if your c: drive is partitioned already then your new drive will be d: and the previous partition which was d: will become e: and files may no longer work because of this u will have to copy them to the new d: drive and so on it u had more than one partion. No way to change the drive letters a quirk of windows.

    But partioning your new drive ie d: will not affect the c: drive providing it wasn't partitioned.

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    If you got a drive c: most ppl have you will get a drive d:. you can then resize it or add a new drive letter, with powerquest partition magic.

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    i have 4 hard drives on my comp 80 gigz each
    Board rule: max 500x150 Pixels (w x h)

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    Iv got 3 120gb.

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    you know what i got a 80gb and a small little 5gb

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    i got 2 tens and a six ...and i highly recommend partition magic..i got in one hell of a state with Ontrack or whatever its called

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